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Squirrels are always looking for a safe, dark place to store their food. This often means your attic! Read on to learn more about Mississippi’s squirrels and Snappy Trapping squirrel removal services.

If you suspect you may have a squirrel issue in your home, here are some things you can look for. Chew marks are always a good sign that you’re dealing with squirrels. You may find chewing on attic rafters and framing, wires, or holes chewed in to the side of the house, usually around the soffit and fascia area.

You may even hear them chewing when the house is quiet. Squirrels chew constantly to keep their teeth short and sharp. You may also hear foot traffic skittering across your ceiling or in the walls. Look for large caches of nuts, acorns, or pine cones; large disturbances in insulation, or even urine stains in your ceiling. If a problem has been existent long enough, you may even detect odor from urine and feces.

If you are looking for someone who can perform Bat Removal Services, Bat Control Services, Bat Exclusion, Bat Guano Removal Services, Bat Guano Cleanup, or Professional Attic Restoration in Mississippi - look no further than Snappy Trapping.

We travel all over Mississippi for Bat Control jobs just like yours! Don’t let just any old Pest Control Exterminator near your house if you have a bat problem such as bats in the attic or bats in the walls. The bats must be removed and not killed!

Done wrong and the Exterminator will make the problem worse! Leave Bat Control up to the Experts, trust Snappy Trapping to safely and humanly remove the bats from your home. We are based in Jackson MS but regularly travel to other counties. Call or email us today to discuss your Mississippi bat removal options.

Skunks are a common problem in jackson. These stinky critters are best known for their ability to secrete a liquid with a strong, foul odor. Snappy Trapping provides humane skunk removal from your Mississippi home or building.

Skunks often choose to den underneath Mississippi homes and will dig cone-shaped holes in the yards of Jackson Mississippi area homes and businesses looking for grubs. Skunk exclusion, trapping, relocation and deodorizing is the only humane way to rid your Mississippi property of these live stink bombs.

There is no spray or electronic unit that will remove the skunk from your Jackson Mississippi home or business. Skunk problems will continue and removing skunks is the only answer to this problem. Snappy Trapping can remove them, decontaminate and then provide exclusion services to prevent return. Please contact us for professional Mississippi Skunk removal

Snappy Trapping's Honey Bee Removal specialist, Erick Guillory, performs live honey bee removals all over Mississippi. We not only remove the honey bees, comb and honey but we perform the repair as well.

Do you think you have a bee problem or infestation that requires a Mississippi honey bee removal specialist? We locate the hive and carefully remove building materials to gain access. We remove the colony: bees, honey comb, honey, and wax, from the cavity. We seal up the void to prevent future honey bees from re-infesting your Mississippi home or business.

If you are here you are most likely having a problem with honeybees. Their nests can become extremely large, with more than 15,000 workers in some cases. The honey production can ruin your home and attract other unwanted guests. If this insect creates a nest or hive inside your Mississippi home or office, it must be removed immediately, and the area should then be cleaned and deodorized.

At Snappy Trapping we are experts at armadillo control and removal from private homes and properties. We excel at armadillo trapping and prevention in the Jackson Mississippi area.

We handle problems with armadillos digging in your yard. These destructive critters can destroy landscaping or dig a big burrow next to or under your Jackson home or business. We are not a armadillo exterminator company, we use techniques such as humane live trapping, prevention, and exclusion to solve your Jackson Mississippi armadillo problem permanently.

Armadillos rip up sod as they search for grubs and insects to eat, leaving shallow holes scattered around your Mississippi property. Armadillo dens are deeper and longer holes, and can cause costly structural damage when they are located under stairs, decks, porches or foundations. Contact Snappy Trapping now to get rid of armadillos from your Jackson property. We trap armadillos and remove armadillos to prevent them from causing further damage.

At Snappy Trapping Raccoons are one of the nuisance wildlife critters that we deal with constantly. We humanely trap and remove raccoons or exclude them from homes in the Jackson Mississippi area.

Do you hear scratches in the night? Sounds of little feet in the attic? A number of the areas that raccoons like to build nests are chimneys, crawlspaces, and attics. Call us to assist you with raccoon trapping, raccoon exclusion and raccoon clean up. Mississippi is full of invaders that love the comfort of your home and attic! Snappy Trapping can help you with any type of raccoon problems that you may have.

Raccoons are found all over the Jackson Mississippi area in ever-increasing numbers. Urbanization often helps their population because food often becomes more available in these conditions. Therefore, it is not at all uncommon to encounter raccoons near your home or worse, in it.

Beavers cause significant damage to Mississippi homeowners, farms and commercial properties, but they can be one of the toughest animals to get rid of so get a professional that has the experience required to get the job done right!

At Snappy Trapping we can professionally trap and remove your beaver problem. Beaver dams and beaver lodges can cause floods on your property. Beavers eat valuable trees and damage crops. In short, beavers on your Mississippi property can cause you a great deal of money in repairs. We trap beavers and we remove beavers off of your property.

In undeveloped areas beavers are a very important wildlife species that create ponds and openings that benefit other wildlife. Unfortunately, beavers and beaver dams can impede the structural integrity of roads, railroads, and manmade waterways in the Jackson Mississippi area. Protect your Mississippi property with our effective beaver control and removal services!

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Ranging from dead animal removal, pigeon poop or pigeon dropping clean up, bat guano removal, decontamination, animal damage repairs, mouse droppings, underground rodent fencing as well as odor control for skunk spray, there is definitely no other better way to get the job done other than Snappy Trapping.

Bats, birds, beavers, coyotes, foxes, muskrats, otter, raccoon, skunk, squirrel, rats, mice among other nuisance varmints and critters no longer have to be a problem at your home. Being wildlife specialists, we do relocate and trap armadillo in the flower bed, bats and squirrel in the attic and walls, beavers in ponds, snakes in your house, bees, raccoons in your lawn among other wildlife. In addition to the relocation of these animals, we also offer dead animal removal, fecal removal, skunk odor removal as well as damage control and repairs which is inclusive of squirrel and raccoon proofing most of the infested homes.


Definitely, upon searching in the internet for the best company to get the job done, most of them will claim to take care of the problem while in the real sense they will do an unpleasant job and the amount of money that you will have to pay is quite large as compared to what we do charge for our services.You definitely do not want to work with a company that is just going to throw a bag of moth balls or do the installation of some ultrasonic sounds then consider their job done. In some cases, the frauds normally install a spray can lid that is filled with sunflower seeds then surrounded with paper gel in the name of controlling the squirrels.

Having this in mind, it is worth taking note that not all the companies that claim to offer the service actually have the prowess that is needed to do a pleasant job. With the time I’ve spent talking to my previous clients, it has dawned upon me that not most of the pest control companies actually went into the attics of their houses. This then set me to think how they were actually to know the root of the problem if they never set foot in the attic.

Most of the companies will ignore the attic and simply throw in some poison to take care of the dead animals and they will ironically not consider getting rid of the dead animals or rather offer he services at an additional cost. We on the other hand will only kill the vermin upon your demands otherwise, we normally use traps and bait to get rid of them