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Erick Guillory

Nuisance Wildlife Removal Specialist
Snappy Trapping Provides Full Service Wildlife Control and Professional Attic Restoration in Mississippi for Birds, Bats, Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Snakes, and More
Snappy Trapping just removed a flying squirrel from my house in Jackson. These guys were very professional. They relocated it to a deep woods area. I highly recommend them!

Snappy Trapping

Mississippi Nuisance Wildlife Removal

We trap, remove and control the following Mississippi nuisance wildlife: bats, beaver, birds, chipmunks, coyote, fox, mice, moles, opossum, raccoons, rats, rodents, squirrels, skunks, snakes, & more.

Squirrels in attics are what do! We have been getting raccoons, opossums, rats and mice out of attics and we do it right each and every time. We know how to stop the damage to your lawn by moles, and can catch that skunk and take it away before it sprays you or your family pet. We can trap that fox, or groundhog that seems to just never go away. We have been experts in Jackson MS Wildlife Control a long time.

We are experienced in all aspects of nuisance bat control including a very complete and thorough inspection of your Jackson home. We seal up all entry and exit points used by bats then do a complete seal up of all gaps 3/8th inch or greater in the home. We get bats out and keep bats out ! We get rid of bats in attics, bats in chimneys, bats in fireplaces, bats in walls, and provide professional attic restoration. We remove all the bats in your home and keep your home bat free. Call us for Mississippi Bat Removal.

In Mississippi Call: (601)717-2264

In Louisiana Call: (225)627-3168