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If you are in need of wildlfie removal services in the Jackson Metro area, you have come to the right place!
We specialize in the humane capture and removal of nuisance animals in the State of Mississippi.

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Affordable, Humane Wildlife Control and Removal Services

Apart from the above, we also stand the best in performing humane Mississippi wildlife removal services, Mississippi armadillo removal, Mississippi squirrel exclusion, Mississippi raccoon removal and control services are on top of the list of the services that we offer.

If you also need birds, bats, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, skunks, rats, mice among other nuisance vermin and critters then we are also up to the task. We also do trap and relocate armadillo in your flowerbed, bats in the attic, squirrel in the attic or walls as well as beaver in ponds. Snakes and bees in your house, raccoons in your lawn and the skinks that stink up your family dog do not have to be a problem any longer. After ridding your home of the vermin, we will then ensure that it is totally protected from their access round the clock.

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We get rid of problem critters such as bat, bird, beaver, coyote, fox, muskrat, opossum, otter, raccoon, skunk , squirrel, skunk, rats, mice or other nuisance varmints and critters. We trap and relocate armadillo in the flowerbed, bats in the attic, squirrels in attic, squirrels in the walls, beaver in ponds, snake in the house, raccoons grubbing in your lawn, bees in the house, and skunks from stinking up the family dog. We are full service nuisance wildlife control company that offers professional services such as dead animal removal, fecal removal, skunk odor removal and animal damage control and animal damage repairs to include raccoon and squirrel proofing most homes!

Mississippi Nuisance Wildlife Removal Questions

Thank you for your interest in Snappy Trapping. With our knowledge and experience we are able to quickly solve any wildlife problem, professionally and efficiently. We specialize in the humane capture and removal of nuisance animals in the Jackson MS Metro Area as well as most of the state of Mississippi. We have been in business since 2010, and are State Licensed to perform the work we do. We operate a full service nuisance wildlife control company, and we are members of the Mississippi Trappers Association.

Why Should You Hire A Mississippi Wildlife Control Professional?

As most of us have probably seen over the internet, the pest control services will claim to have a solution to the squirrel in your house. In most cases, you may be charged quite dearly only for the company to contract the job to someone who can handle it. It is however not a guarantee that they will take care of the problem as most of them may throw a bag of mothballs in your attic or install ultrasonic sound gadgets in your attic and claim to get the job done.

You surely do not want a spray can lid filled with sunflower seeds then surrounded with pepper-based gel installed in your attic in the name of getting rid of the squirrels. Having this in mind, it is always best that you hire experts to get the job done. In some cases, my previous clients have complained that the control companies they hired previously did not go into the attics but rather they would throw in some poison, kill the rodents and leave you to take care of the problem on your own. With this in mind, it is best that you be careful of who you hire; you definitely will not find the smell of dead animals in your attic or within your walls pleasant

Does Snappy Trapping provide Raccoon Removal Services In Mississippi?

Being the biggest nuisance among all the wildlife in Mississippi, raccoons pose as animals of quite a high agility and the damage that they can cause to our homes, lawns or businesses as they look for food is unpredictable just as it is annoying. Having adopted to living around humans, it is worth noting that they do like the warmth and safety of our homes just as we do.

Raccoons can be found in our attics, chimneys, sheds, garages, under decks as well as anywhere around our buildings. Having gained access to some of our attics, they can destroy the whole of the attic space and in the process cause untold damages to the same. Killing the animals is normally the last of the options that we have at our disposal. Normally, we do trap them and once all of them are caught, we take a look at any damages that might have been caused by the vermin.

We then remove all the damaged insulation, disinfect and deodorize the area after which we then install new insulation and repair other damages caused by the raccoons.

Does Snappy Trapping provide Squirrel Capture & Squirrel Removal In Mississippi?

Squirrels are known for going into the most difficult to access places in your abode such as within your walls, in your chimneys and attics and it is only if they are checked with a professional eye that they can be less of a threat to us.

Annoying is the word to describe the creatures. They are known to knock things over in your house, run around in your business area and in the long run prove difficult to catch and this is where we come in. we have just the right bait to get the job done hence you do not have to worry about the pitter-patter of rodent feet in your attic, walls or eaves any more. Just call us at 601-717-2264 and get rid of them easily.

How Do I Get Rid Of Skunks In Mississippi?

Snappy Trappings stand as one of the best in skunk removal. We are centralized in the Jackson Mississippi area and just a phone call away- you definitely will not regret a single dime spent on us. It is worth taking note that the only way to get the skunks away is by hiring an expert. After having eliminated the skunks from your residence, we then spray your pets to ensure the awful skunk odor is no longer a problem.

Can Snappy Trapping Get Rid Of Armadillos Tearing Up My Mississippi Yard?

Snappy Trapping provides non-lethal, humane armadillo control, armadillo trapping and nuisance armadillo removal and armadillo pest control in Jackson MS and the surrounding Mississippi areas.

Though they may be quite a nuisance in our homes, it is worth taking note that killing them is not the best option that we do sought out first. Snappy Trappings are verified a the best in humane armadillo control, armadillo trapping, armadillo removal and the good news is that the methods that we use are neither lethal to the creatures themselves nor to you and your pets making us the best choice.

Known to dig holes in the ground so as to get food, they will normally burrow your yard so as to find worms and grubs among other insects; having this in mind, I tis best that you get the best in the field to get rid of them safely and that is where Snappy Trappings come in. all you have to do is call us at 601-717-2264 and they will be no longer a threat to your home.

I Have Seen A Beaver On My Mississippi Property & Now There Is Flooding.

Beavers pose as one of the fast growing creatures and as a result, it is best that you seek the best pest control experts to get rid of them upon discovering one; they can grow to about 100 pounds and catching them will definitely not be easy.

I normally advise my clients to set traps upon discovering and if unable to do so, it is best that you contact the best in the field to offer their assistance in doing so. Being nocturnal, we can definitely agree that getting rid of them is quite difficult and in addition to this you can struggle with them for as long as 20 years.

Beavers can produce about 2-4 babies annually and in such instances the damage is usually larger than usual. Upon contacting the best services in the field for the job such as Snappy Trappings, you do not have to worry about them anymore; just call us at 601-717-2264 to get the job done with ultimate prowess.

How Do I Get Rid Of A Opossum On My Porch?

So you don’t know how to get rid of an opossum in Jackson or Ross Barnett? Call an experienced professional like Snappy Trapping to investigate your animal invasion. We are qualified animal control professionals and are highly experienced in opossum removal services in Jackson MS and Central Mississippi.

If you are located in either Jackson or ross Barnett, all you have to do is seek the assistance such as Snappy Trappings so as to get the job done. We are normally located in Jackson MS and central Mississippi hence getting access to your home regardless of where you are should not be much of a problem to us.

Be it in your office or your residential area, opossums will cause quite a large damage since they are nocturnal and it is only after the problem has occurred that you will be able to know of their presence.There are quite a number of ways to spot an opossum such as opening in your fence, their tracks and faces as well as shallow holes; upon spotting these, do take the necessary action without hesitation

Opossums are normally attracted by pet food, an unprotected yard, composite piles among others and their invasion to your home may be via a vent or a torn screen. Upon discovering the presence of one, be sure to contact Snappy Trappings at 601-717-2264.

Where Can I Find Coyote Removal & Coyote Control For Mississippi?

Though they are normally in the rural areas and quite shy of humans, they may adapt living in the urban areas with us and in such instances it is quite important to know of a way of taking care of them. Simply put, they can live in the urban areas provided that they find food in the residence.

Coyotes are known to hunt and scavenge in packs. Although coyotes prefer to live in the wild, human development has forced coyotes to adapt and so coyotes are found more and more on human property, a little too close for comfort! Coyote Removal, Coyote Control and Trapping Coyotes has become more common in the Jackson Mississippi area.

Unfortunately, they are more of a threat to us as compared to other vermin as they may kill our pets and like other warm blooded animals, they act as a host to the rabies virus. Despite previously known to live and scavenge in packs, human population growth has resulted to them adapting to live among us and comfortably at that. This definitely poses as quite a danger to our well-being and it is always recommended that you seek the best in coyote control and trapping so as to take care of them. Snappy Trapping is guaranteed to control coyotes, remove and exclude them among other animals. You definitely deserve no other better choice in coyote removal and control in the Mississippi area

Here at Snappy Trapping we are professionally trained in controlling coyotes, removing coyotes, coyotes exclusion and control of all types of animals. We'll perform Coyote Control and Coyote Removal in Mississippi. Our coyote removal experts control your coyote problems in the Central Mississippi area.

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We are a full service nuisance wildlife control company serving the Central Mississippi region. We specialize in urban and suburban wildlife removal and damage remediation for both residential and commercial customers. If you are hearing noises in your attic, squirrels chewing on your house or a raccoon under your porch, give us a call today. Being located in the Jackson MS Area we provide quick 24 hour emergency services, trapping and relocation and animal damage repair.

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